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Grant Application Guidelines
The Northwest Music Foundation accepts applications from individuals, groups, non-profit organizations and Northwest based Government approved learning establishments. The goal of each applicant must be in line with the foundations mission which is to foster, encourage and expose music by Northwest musicians/students with an emphasis on encouraging the creation of original music. 

Grants are not limited to recording, music instruction or instrument rental/purchase, but each applicant must include a statement showing clearly what the intent of the grant would be. Grants are not intended to replace state or local school funding. Applicants must be from the Northwest and their project must be clearly focused on music.

There is no age requirement but anyone under 18 must have their application submitted by an adult (parent/teacher/approved adult). Funds may be used for recording, supplies, learning materials, equipment, transportation to bring a performer/group to a educational seminar or a performance but may not include funds for celebration food and drinks. Application must include a clear plan of expenses.

Who May Apply
The Northwest Music Foundation recognizes that not all original music comes from higher learning facilities and does not limit its consideration of grants to any one source. Anyone who is a resident of Washington, Oregon, Idaho or Alaska may apply as long as the mission statement clearly shows that it is in line with our goals with music as the focus. The foundation recognizes that the Northwest has a wide variety of musical genres and does not base its grant approval on genre but rather on development and exposure of music. The foundation accepts and considers all forms of music.

When are Grants Accepted and Received
The foundation accepts grant applications at any time during each year. Applications are reviewed quarterly, March 1st, June 1st, Sept. 1st and Dec 1st. Applications that are under consideration will be notified within 30 days after the quarter that they are being reviewed.

Applications that are approved will be notified within 60 days of quarterly review. Not all applicants will be responded to due to volume and costs of reviewing, but applicants who do not receive a response may inquire to their status after 30 days after the quarter that it was received is over. Inquiries may be made by mail, e-mail or phone after said time is allowed. If you do not receive a response within 60 days of your inquiry, you may submit your application again at that time.

Responsibilities of Grant Recipients
Recipients must work within the time frame approved and then file a final report within 30 days of completion. Reports must include a summary of the project that includes cost breakdown, photographs, and audio recordings / video where appropriate. Some projects will require progress reports. Some recipients may be asked to participate in Northwest Music Foundation seminars or concerts and are encouraged to do so but there is no obligation to participate.

The purpose of participation would be so that the foundation can display its achievements to the communities involved and encourage others to participate in fostering music in their community. Recipients must agree that their project may be displayed on any Northwest Music Foundation literature, videos or advertisements including the foundation's websites and internet sites including but not limited to facebook.

Applying for a Grant
To apply complete the following application and submit to Northwest Music Foundation by e-mail, U.S. mail, fax. Make sure you provide enough information so the NWWM foundation has a detailed clear understanding of your project. Include any audio or video materials that feature your music to help us understand the focus of your project. If application is submitted by the internet - include detailed links to any supporting performances, websites, or music recordings. Some projects may require advanced screening.

How to Submit Application
Submit Application or questions via email to: NWMF

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