NW Music Foundation
Northwest Music Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by George Spirk in 2005.

The goal of Northwest Music Foundation is to offer assistance, and advance the education, of musicians, songwriters, institutions, and organizations who support such musical artists through awards, scholarships, internships, grants, and commissions.

MISSION STATEMENT: Dedicated to fostering and encouraging the creation, performance, and study of music through a variety of educational, professional, and humanitarian programs and activities.

Northwest Music Foundation is committed to perpetuating the art of music in the Pacific Northwest. Although we support all forms of music, we encourage songwriting and creating original music. In the past few years we have helped countless musicians and musical students with grants to record, buy instruments, perform and take music lessons. We have had songwriting and instructional seminars to assist singers, songwriters, bands and students learn and develop their craft. NWMF's staff consists of experienced musicians that have years of experience in the music business and we are happy to share our wealth of knowledge with any interested individuals, organizations or groups. We have on hand many instructional tools and books that can help musical artists improve their craft.

In addition to grants, we offer a platform for grant recipients, bands & artists to gain experience performing at our jams & showcase their talent at our own concert fundraising benefits and other events that we help organize for other worthy causes in our community that would like to feature music.

We help music students in school who cannot afford to buy or rent instruments. Recently we donated a large sum of money, instructional materials and instruments to the Stanwood/Camano School District's Music Program. We are saddened by the fact that some families cannot afford to have their children learn an instrument. We would like to continue to help in all of these ways to perpetuate the art of music in the Pacific Northwest. After all, many famous musicians, bands and songs originated here in our Northwest Community and we absolutely are committed to helping it continue!

We are striving to continue our programs, but like any other non profit organization we need $$ to continue our plight of Empowering Our World With Music.

Please help us by donating unused instruments, cash, attending our benefit concerts, or volunteering. We will be happy to accept your donation or assistance to help our mission.

Cookie Spirk ~ Executive Director    
George Spirk was a lifelong resident of Washington State. He owned a real estate office in the Pinehurst area of North Seattle called Spirk Realty.

He lived in North Seattle until he sold his Seattle and Lynnwood properties and moved to Stanwood in 2005. He never stopped singing and playing the guitar, and was still performing for audiences into the summer of 2010 at the age of 97 with daughter Cookie Spirk as a duo.​

George's love for music and his desire to help others prompted him to create the Northwest Music Foundation in 2005. He passed away June 18, 2011 and is survived by his three daughters and their spouses - Linda Spirk and Carl Ridley of Tucson, AZ; Laurienne & Robert Moss of Woodway, WA; and Carol "Cookie" Spirk and Major Freeman of Camano Island, WA.
George Spirk ~ NWMF Founder
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